AC Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Know

Air conditioning problems during warm weather can be frustrating, but before you panic, you should take time to do some initial troubleshooting. Understanding common AC issues could save you a bit of stress and the cost of a service call. In some cases, you may still require professional support. However, some air conditioner repairs can be averted by a little bit of knowledge.

System Doesn’t Operate

An inoperative air conditioner may be the result of poor maintenance or incorrect thermostat settings. Check the following possibilities:

  • Thermostat – is your unit’s display active? If there isn’t any reading, try changing the batteries. If the unit still doesn’t have any readings, it may be bad. If the readings are active, verify that the system is set for on or auto and that cooling activity is selected. Verify that the temperature setting is lower than the current room temperature, as well.
  • Electricity – if the thermostat appears to be functional, verify that you don’t have a tripped electrical switch in your fuse box. Check that plugs from your unit aren’t disconnected, as well.
  • Air filter – check your filter for excessive dirt. You should place a clean filter at the start of cooling season, and a check should be made monthly for the possible need to replace the unit.
  • Icy coils – check inside and outside coils for signs of ice. If ice is present, allow it to melt before attempting to operate your system. If new ice is formed after system operation resumes, contact your HVAC company right away. If none of these steps resolve the problem, contact your contractor.

Hot Air Blowing Through Vents

If your equipment is blowing hot, verify that your thermostat settings are correct. Additionally, check your inside coils to verify whether they are cold. A severe refrigerant leak could result in complete loss of the material responsible for the cooling of your air supply, and a contractor will need to repair the line and replace the material.

AC is Cool, Not Cold

If the air moving through your system isn’t icy but is cool, you may need to have your refrigerant levels checked or your coils cleaned. These aren’t necessarily AC repair issues. Rather, this is part of a regular tune-up, an inexpensive service that involves adjustments and an inspection to ensure that your equipment operates at its best levels possible. You can schedule this service at any time, but it is recommended that you have it done prior to the onset of the summer cooling season.

Low Air Pressure

If the air coming from your vents seems to be inadequate, you may require system maintenance. If this is accompanied by cool but not cold air, it is probably also connected to dirty coil conditions. However, check your air filter first as a dirty filter can restrict airflow.

You may also be dealing with leaky ducts, an issue that will require diagnosis by your HVAC professional. A duct inspection and sealing service may be needed to rectify the situation.

Expert Attention and Diagnostics

Commonwealth Cooling & Heating offers a variety of home comfort services and solutions, including preventive maintenance, air conditioner repairs and system replacements. Our team can answer questions or visit your Fairfax, VA, home to inspect your system. Contact our office for an appointment.

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