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Every household needs an abundant supply of hot water for essential activities like bathing, washing clothes and dish washing. For the elderly and small children, a broken hot water heater can jeopardize their health and safety.

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Common Water Heater Problems

The most common water heater issues include tepid or cold water, scalding water or a leaking storage tank. The cause of the problem can be difficult to find, so it is important to have a professional contractor run a full diagnostic test on the unit to locate the source of the malfunction and make the appropriate water heater repairs.

In many cases, a lack of hot water can involve a faulty high-temperature cutoff switch or a damaged circuit breaker. If your unit only produces lukewarm water, it may have a cracked dip tube inside the tank. Scalding water is often a result of a bad thermostat or a broken pressure relief valve. If you turn down the thermostat and the water is still too hot, disconnect the fuel and power to the unit.

If you see your water heater leaking, the unit should be shut down as soon as possible and drained. Water leaks can cause considerable damage to carpeting, walls and furniture if left unaddressed. For an uncontrolled water heater leak please call and schedule an emergency service call to minimize the damage.

Water Heater Installation

If your water heater is old or faulty, it's time to purchase a new unit. Water heater selection is typically based on fuel availability, family size and performance expectations. Water heaters are available in two basic configurations including:

  • Conventional: Conventional water heaters incorporate gas or electric heating elements and a storage tank to hold hot water. When the temperature of the water falls below a preset threshold, the burners engage and the water is reheated. Capacity output is determined by the "first hour rating," which calculates tank size relative to the BTU output of the heating elements. Conventional water heater efficiency is rated according to the Energy Factor (EF) standard. A higher EF rating indicates the unit is more efficient.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters provide exceptional efficiency because the water is only heated when it is needed. These on-demand units do not have a storage tank, so no energy is wasted heating water that may sit in the tank for hours. Capacity is critical in selecting the size and style of a tankless water heater.

The Water Heater Experts

At Commonwealth Cooling and Heating, we understand how frustrating it is when your family has no hot water. Our courteous consultants will be happy to help you evaluate your typical hot water usage and help select a model that will efficiently service your entire household. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment if you're having problems with your water heater.

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