Accidentally Buy the Wrong Size Air Filter for Your HVAC System?

Maintenance plans are among our most popular heating and cooling services for the Lorton, VA, area. When we help our clients keep their HVAC systems in proper working order, they’re less likely to call us for emergency repairs. Their systems last longer than they would without routine maintenance as well. Part of that maintenance routine is changing the HVAC air filter on a schedule. You will likely do that on your own every month or two, which means you may accidentally purchase the wrong filter size at some point.

Is that a big deal? Can you use the wrong size filter? Let’s discuss the issue.

Why Size Matters for Your HVAC Air Filter

There are three reasons you should never use the wrong HVAC air filter size in your heating and air system:

  1. The filter is designed to remove particulate matter from the air you breathe. Exposure to that particulate matter can potentially lead to serious health conditions over time. When the filter doesn’t fit in its hole properly, those small particles can move around the filter and lower your air quality.
  2. If your filter doesn’t fit properly, it can interfere with the flow of air from the system to your home. Your air filter may also get sucked into the system, causing damage.
  3. Improper installation of the filter or the absence of a filter allows dust and other debris to build up inside the system. That can lead to an emergency breakdown or a more frequent need for HVAC repair.

Our HVAC Air Filter Donation & Exchange Program

After nearly two decades of delivering heating and cooling services in Lorton, our professional team understands how challenging it is to determine the correct HVAC air filter size. We developed a new program that allows our customers trade in the wrong size filter for a filter of the correct size. If it’s available at Commonwealth Cooling & Heating, the trade is yours.

Commonwealth Cooling & Heating is Here for You

If you need to trade your HVAC air filter or want to learn more about professional heating and cooling services in Lorton, VA, contact us toady.

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