Best Strategies for Improving Heating and Cooling Effectiveness

Winter, spring, summer or fall, heating and cooling systems make your home in Northern Virginia a more comfortable place to inhabit. They can also account for around 44 percent of your energy usage. There are a number of ways to improve the efficacy of your HVAC systems. Fortunately, energy experts have done the research for you. The following proven strategies not only save energy and money but also enhance your heating and cooling comfort in every season.

Weatherization Projects

Home improvements that seal your home against the weather outdoors help you stay comfortable year-round. The best projects allow your HVAC systems to use less energy too. For optimal savings, the Department of Energy recommends these home-sealing upgrades:

  • Attic insulation offers the highest impact on energy savings and comfort. For best results, insulate to an R-value of at least 38, or around 10 to 14 inches of material.
  • Basements and crawlspaces are common energy-wasters too. Using caulk, spray foam or insulation, seal any holes, cracks or gaps that lead to floors in your home.
  • Leaky ducts waste energy and can let in dirt, insects and pests. Professional duct cleaning services can help you eliminate these problems.

When you combine energy efficiency upgrades with proper equipment maintenance, the savings can be substantial. You can expect to cut the energy used for cooling and heating by up to 50 percent.

HVAC Services

Even a brand new HVAC system will quickly decline in energy efficiency if not properly maintained. Professional tune-ups and a maintenance plan more than pay for themselves by keeping everything running in top-notch condition. With regular care, the equipment will work better, last longer and need fewer repairs. Signing up for a plan is easy. To get started, call the pros at Commonwealth Cooling & Heating at 703-436-8028 or take a look at our HVAC services page to learn more.

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