Change Your Thermostat: Why It Pays to Upgrade

By allowing you to schedule your heating and cooling systems to alter the temperature of your Alexandria, VA, home when you’re away, a programmable thermostat can lower utility bills by 10 percent to 30 percent, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is quick to point out, however, that most people who own the devices complain that it takes too much time to set the thermostats on an energy-saving schedule. The next-generation of controllable thermostats is making it easier to take advantage of the significant savings that these smart devices can offer whether you’re at home or away.

Energy-Efficient Features

Instead of just offering you the opportunity to pre-set your HVAC systems to different operational schedules while you’re away from home, the new generation of controllable thermostats focus on delivering optimal energy efficiency 24 hours a day. In addition to options that let you schedule household temperatures for multiple periods of each day, you’ll find controls designed to intensify or reduce heating and cooling as outdoor temperatures rise or fall. With a more gentle delivery of conditioned air when demands are low, you’ll enjoy lower utility bills without sacrificing comfort.

Easy Operation

Featuring bright, clear digital displays and touch-screen simplicity, the latest evolution of controllable thermostats are much easier to operate than their outdated counterparts. Intuitive operation lets you enjoy the full energy efficiency benefits that these smart devices have to offer. A touch of a button can not only let your control temperatures but the humidity levels in your home too. Some models come equipped with PID controllers that allow the system to collect and analyze data to “learn” your favorite settings and maintain your ideal temperature to within one half of one degree Fahrenheit.

Smart Remote Controls

The most convenient addition to programmable thermostats and controls is the ability to operate the devices from remote locations, including your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The energy efficiency achieved by remote operation is the primary reason to upgrade to a new high-tech model. Because the remote interface is more user-friendly that the old-school models, your more likely to use and enjoy the benefits of these energy-saving devices as well.

Proper installation of control systems and thermostats is as important as choosing the right device for your home. You’ll not only want to ensure that the device works well with your existing HVAC systems but that it is set up safely in the right location too. Choosing an HVAC company in Alexandria, VA, that has been approved as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer is a great place to start. The authorized dealer designation indicates that the technicians have met high standards of technical expertise as well as customer service. Call Commonwealth Cooling & Heating when you are ready to upgrade your air conditioner’s thermostat. 

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