Cost Comparison: Bryant Legacy vs. Preferred Series

If you think that an AC upgrade may be imminent, then it’s important to begin your research now so that you can make an informed decision on the right equipment features. Because new HVAC equipment can be pricey, it’s helpful to make some important comparisons between features that can provide better performance and a longer life. The cheapest system to install may not be the cheapest to operate. However, Bryant provides many budget-friendly options.

Comparing Bryant’s Lines for an AC Upgrade

There are several important factors to consider in comparing your possible AC installation options:

Your air conditioner also handles dehumidification, an important factor for Lorton, VA, residents. Many top-of-the-line systems today provide variable speeds that enhance dehumidification when environmental conditions are mild. However, the systems featuring these technologies can be somewhat more expensive.

Legacy and Preferred Series Costs

Homeowners who aren’t able to afford the more costly models will find that both the Legacy and Preferred lines from Bryant provide excellent value while enhancing home comfort levels. The Preferred Series tends to be somewhat more expensive, providing slightly higher SEER and better noise levels during operation. Most Preferred models are also eligible for federal tax credits, enabling a homeowner to save up to 10 percent of the equipment costs. Some Legacy AC models are also Energy Star rated.

One of the major differences between Preferred and Legacy air conditioning systems is the use of the DuraGuard Plus System in product engineering. This system is part of Preferred designs but not part of Legacy models. The protective guard keeps outdoor system components protected from weather while enhancing durability. An AC unit can last from 10 to 14 years when it is maintained appropriately, and the exterior protection can add to the life of the system.

Finding the System that Addresses Your Home’s Specific Features and Use

It’s important to partner with an HVAC professional in deciding on the right system for your home. A calculation of your cooling load is needed to properly size your system. This will allow your technician to narrow the options to those models best suited to your structure. Additionally, an HVAC expert can help you examine the different costs for operating your equipment once it is installed. Greater energy efficiency can lead to more savings, making it possible for some systems to pay for themselves in just a couple of years.

Commonwealth Cooling & Heating operates as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer in Lorton, VA, and surrounding areas. We can provide a free estimate if you are considering an AC upgrade. We can also discuss financing and savings options that will allow you to obtain the best value in your AC installation. Contact our team to schedule your appointment.

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