Do you Have a Heat Pump Maintenance Schedule?

If you use a heat pump for home heating and cooling in Lorton, VA, then it’s important to think about a maintenance plan. Many of our residential customers are unaware of the service, but it can be a valuable investment, saving you money and extending the life of your equipment. Your equipment gets a lot of use during the year, and optimization service can keep it in top operating condition.

What Is a Heat Pump Maintenance Schedule?

Tune-up service for your HVAC equipment should be handled during both spring and fall months to ensure proper operation during hot and cold weather. A maintenance schedule is simply a plan that involves advance arrangement of appointments so that you don’t miss your seasonal service.

The majority of our HVAC customers aren’t initially aware of such plans. We introduce them to the concept during repair or replacement calls. By having your equipment examined and adjusted when its use isn’t required, problems can be diagnosed and corrected before seasonal weather changes take place. This type of service can eliminate more than 90 percent of emergency repair issues, and it can avoid a lot of frustration as well.

Heat Pump Tune Up

During a heat pump tune-up, we optimize your system by checking internal and external parts of your equipment and making appropriate adjustments. We look for loose fittings and cracked or worn parts, making necessary adjustments and recommendations for replacement.

We also inspect the integrity of your refrigerant lines. A low refrigerant charge is an indication of a leak, and we address both the repair of the leak and the addition of refrigerant to your system. We inspect and clean coils and condensate pans. We also test your thermostat. A duct inspection is performed, and cleaning and sealing services are recommended if the need is observed.

We can discuss additional HVAC concerns when we service your system. This is your opportunity to learn more about the following issues:

  • Energy efficiency and high energy bills
  • Solutions for poor heating or cooling in specific parts of your home
  • Air quality concerns and helpful HVAC solutions
  • Timing for replacement of your older HVAC equipment

We provide many additional diagnostic and consultation services to address these interests and needs, and our technician can give you direction in dealing with specific concerns.

Planning for Your Heat Pump Replacement

HVAC equipment has a limited life, and it’s always important to keep the eventual need for replacement in mind. If your equipment is older, a tune-up call is great for discussing the expected life of your system. Modern units are being designed with greater efficiency levels than those that are just a few years old, and your replacement plans should take into account the financial benefits of operating a more efficient unit. Financial incentives like federal energy tax credits can also play a role in your timing for equipment replacement, allowing you to recoup some of your costs. Commonwealth Cooling & Heating is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, and we are able to help you examine Bryant incentives for upgrading as well. Contact us to schedule your maintenance or discuss your concerns.

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