Get Your Burke Furnace Installation Before Temperatures Drop

Fall is the best time to schedule a new furnace installation for your home or business in Burke VA. This is because you will beat the influx of repair calls during the winter months. Most of these calls will be from homeowners and business owners who did not have the foresight to replace their aging systems before winter hit. By contacting the heating and cooling experts at Commonwealth Cooling & Heating in Burke VA, you are taking an important step in ensuring your family or employees' comfort during the heating season.

If your current furnace is older than 15 years old and just not performing as it should, you need to consider replacing it before the cold weather arrives. Why put any more money toward repairs when that money could be better used toward the purchase of a new energy-efficient furnace? A furnace installation now will help reduce your heating costs starting this season.

As the Burk VA furnace installation experts, we will assess your current heating system and determine your needed heating load for your home or business. Our highly trained service technicians will recommend the best furnace for your heating needs. They will also be able to recommend any needed upgrades to your ductwork or ventilation to make sure that once your furnace installation is complete, it will continue to work efficiently.

All Burk VA furnace installations are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer convenient financing options to fit your budget. As a factory-authorized deal of Bryant heating and cooling products, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing one of the best furnaces on the market today.

Our service does not end with your furnace installation, we highly recommended regularly scheduled preventive maintenance for your new furnace. Furnaces that are properly maintained from the start will continue to provide years of reliable and efficient service to your home or business. We recommend that furnaces in the Burke VA area be serviced twice a year.

Preventive maintenance is so much more than just changing your air filter monthly. A trained service technician should only perform chores, such as cleaning and lubricating motors or moving parts or inspecting electrical connections. Continued maintenance will ensure a long life span of your new furnace. It will also help to keep your energy costs low because a maintained system will run more efficiently than a system that is not maintained. Overall, it will require less fuel to operate.

If you are ready to replace your furnace or just need more information before making your decision, contact Commonwealth Cooling & Heating. We will be happy to assist you with scheduling an appointment or to discuss your heating and cooling needs.

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