How to Save Money on Winter Energy Bills

With winter right around the corner, consumers are always searching for effective ways to lower utility bills while still maintaining a warm and cozy home. From increasing the building’s sealing envelope to monitoring temperature, there is a variety of savvy steps that homeowners can take to ensure a warm home and reduce energy consumption during the colder winter season.

Home Heating Tips for the Winter Season

  • Air Leaking Spaces and Drafts: Often, a home loses the warm air through unsealed or uninsulated spaces. Be sure to check for drafts around window frames, doors and plumbing fixtures. Caulking is your best friend when it comes to sealing up these types of drafts. There are caulking guns and even smaller caulking tubes that are very effective for sealing up those spaces that are leaking warm air. If you have an attic that is not insulated, it’s time to lay down some insulation batts or hire a professional who can install a blow-form insulation. Even if your attic is insulated, do a check for drafts. It’s not uncommon to find drafts around the joists or vents. Collectively, air leaks from all these types of small spaces add up to higher energy bills.
  • Programmable Thermostats: Programmable thermostats can help reduce energy costs up to 30 percent. There is no need to be heating up rooms when you’re away at work or on vacation. These energy saving devices can be custom programmed to your schedule and come in a wide choice of models. You can set programmable thermostats according to your weekday and weekend schedules. Some of the advanced models even offer remote control from any location via computer and smartphone and read outs for your energy usage.
  • Turn it Down: When you’re sleeping, you can lower the thermostat several degrees as you’ll be bundled up in blankets to keep warm. Even consider lowering your thermostat during the day and put on an extra sweater. You’ll be surprised how easily you’ll adapt comfortably to a lower temperature.
  • Winter Tune-Up: Not only will a winter tune-up for your home’s heating system avoid a potential breakdown, but it will prime the system to operate efficiently. Moving components are cleaned and lubricated, and internal components are also adjusted for efficiency. When your home’s heating system is operating smoothly, there’s less stress on the unit, and the unit consumes less energy while operating. The end result is lower utility bills and more dollars in your pocket.

HVAC Services and Products at Commonwealth Heating & Cooling

Located in Alexandria, VA, Commonwealth Cooling & Heating offers seasonal tune-ups and energy efficient HVAC equipment. We carry and install top brand heating systems that come with high AFUE and HSPF. With an energy efficient HVAC system, you can save up to 40 percent on energy expenditures. Choose from a wide variety of heating systems, such as furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. Customers can also take advantage of our Internet coupons on select equipment and winter tune-ups. Be sure to call us for any of your home heating needs.

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