I Started My Furnace and It’s Blowing Cold. What Could Be Wrong?

With cooler temperatures on the way this fall, making sure your furnace is in optimal working order is essential to maintain your family’s comfort. The experts at ENERGY STAR recommend preseason check-ups for air conditioning and heating systems to identify issues before cold weather arrives in Lorton, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Here are three of the most common reasons your furnace might be blowing cold air this fall and winter.

Furnace Overheating

Your furnace is equipped with a number of safety switches designed to protect against dangerous overheating and potential fires. If your furnace blows hot air at first but then switches to cold air, excessive heat may have triggered a limit switch that prevents your it from generating more heat. Some of the most common reasons for overheating include the following:

  • Dirty or disintegrating air filters
  • Blocked air circulation vents
  • Malfunctions in thermostats or furnace circuit boards

If replacing your air filter does not resolve the problem, it may be time to call in the furnace maintenance professionals to repair your Lorton, Virginia, heating and cooling system.

Thermostat Issues

If the fan function on your thermostat is switched to the on setting, your system will continue to blow air continuously whether your furnace is engaged or not. This can sometimes fool homeowners into believing their furnace is not working properly. Switching the fan to the auto setting can ensure that your blower motor only works when your heat is on. If your furnace only blows cold air, however, calling a repair expert is generally your best bet.

Problems with Ductwork

Dirt in your ducts can cause overloads in your HVAC’s control board that can take your heating element out of commission. Investing in air duct cleaning can reduce the risk of unexpected furnace breakdowns while improving indoor air quality for you and your family. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, poor air quality can cause headaches, allergic responses and more serious problems that include heart disease, lung disease and cancer. Investing in duct cleaning and regular furnace maintenance can improve the health of your heating system and your family.

When your furnace breaks down, the friendly and courteous NATE-certified technicians at Commonwealth Cooling & Heating can provide emergency furnace repair services to restore comfort quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our full lineup of Bryant systems or to schedule an appointment with one of our heating and cooling experts, give us a call at 703-436-8028 or visit us online at Commonwealth Cooling & Heating. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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