Investing in Duct Cleaning Can Help Improve HVAC Efficiency

Duct cleaning may not sound particularly glamorous, but it has the potential to help improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit, especially when done in conjunction with other services. Improving HVAC efficiency, of course, is always a plus. An efficiently operating HVAC system lasts longer and uses less electricity, saving Alexandria, VA homeowners money over time.

Problems with Dirty Air Ducts

Many people understand that dirty air ducts can cause health problems. That is because whatever is in the ducts will end up circulating in the house. This could include organic growth, dust, or other pollutants. However, providers of professional HVAC services understand that dirty air ducts can also hinder an HVAC unit’s efficiency. While the EPA has not discovered conclusive evidence regarding the effects of dirty air ducts on an HVAC unit’s efficiency, dust and other contaminants hinder airflow, causing the unit to work harder as it seeks to heat or cool the home. Additionally, animals can occasionally get into air ducts, and their bodies definitely impede airflow.

When to Clean an Air Duct

Duct cleaning does not need to be performed on a regular schedule. However, the EPA says that air ducts need to be cleaned when:

  • Vermin are present in the ducts
  • There’s organic growth in the ducts
  • Dust, dirt, or other particulates are visibly emanating from the vents when the unit is on

For maximum efficiency gains, air ducts should be cleaned around the same time as other professional HVAC services such as an HVAC tune-up.

Air Duct Cleaning and More

Residents of Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding area receive quality air duct cleaning and other professional, licensed HVAC services when they choose Commonwealth Cooling & Heating, LLC. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with air duct cleaning or to get a free no-obligation quote on our other services.

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