Learn About the Evolution™ Connex™ Control System

More than just a thermostat, the Evolution™ Connex™ Control is the brains behind one of the world’s most advanced HVAC ecosystems. Packed with powerful features and innovative, user-friendly technologies, the Connex™ Control offers next-level comfort and convenience for your Alexandria, VA home.

Your Personal Comfort Conductor

The future of smart HVAC technology is here, and it’s called the Evolution™ Connex™ Control. When paired with other Bryant Evolution products, this cutting-edge smart thermostat lets you manage your indoor environment like never before. Perfect Heat and Perfect Humidity technologies allow the system to monitor current and past conditions and continually adjust performance to maintain optimal comfort. What’s more, you can independently control up to eight distinct comfort zones with the addition of an HVAC zoning system.

Stay Connected and Save Energy

With its incredibly convenient Remote Access feature, you can monitor and program the Evolution™ Connex™ Control from anywhere in seconds. Among other things, that means no more wasted energy when you leave the house without turning down the heat. Speaking of which, the Evolution™ Connex™ Control offers an array of energy-saving features, including sophisticated occupancy sensing, detailed energy tracking, and more. By automating your thermostat settings, you can easily reduce energy consumption by 10% per year without impacting your comfort.

Effortlessly Manage Essential Upkeep

Routine preventive care is essential for an efficient, reliable, long-lasting HVAC system, but keeping track of various maintenance tasks isn’t easy. Thankfully, from filter changes to seasonal tune-ups, the Connex Control offers automatic notifications whenever your system needs attention. It can even inform your Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer about the health and status of your equipment, helping them deliver more responsive and personalized service when it matters most.

To learn more about the feature-packed Connex™ Control, talk to the factory-certified pros at Commonwealth Cooling & Heating, LLC. Check out all our advanced HVAC controls to build the perfect comfort solution for your home.

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