Possible Reasons for Insufficient Cooling from Your AC

Does your indoor air feel less cool and refreshing than usual? It’s not warm, exactly, but it’s not ice cold either. Are you imagining things? Try this test. Set the temperature several degrees lower than you normally would. Chances are you’ll still get an ocean breeze instead of an icy blast. Here’s how to troubleshoot insufficient cooling if you’re a Clifton, Virginia homeowner:

Refrigerant Leak

Without refrigerant, your AC cannot provide sufficient cooling. If you have a leak, there are basically two options. One option is to have your AC service technician check for leaks, seal them and add more refrigerant.

This is a quick fix, it’s not too expensive, and it will temporarily restore your air conditioning. However, the unit may need refrigerant charges every year because new leaks will develop. This can continue for a few years, but eventually, the leaks will get too big to fix.

The other option is to replace the AC now and avoid further refrigerant problems altogether. If your existing unit is older, a new air conditioning installation might be more cost-effective in the long run.

Dirty Air Filter

You might be surprised to learn how many ways a dirty filter can destroy an air conditioner:

  • Shorten AC service life
  • Restrict airflow
  • Increase energy costs
  • Lead to dust and microbes in ductwork
  • Pollute indoor air
  • Make the cooling coils freeze up
  • Burn out the motor
  • Create indoor temperature variations

Bad Compressor

Insufficient cooling can mean that your compressor is going bad. Signs of a faulty compressor include diminished airflow, high energy bills, and lukewarm air blowing from the vents. The air conditioner may be running, but it’s not cooling.

If cool air is in short supply, call Commonwealth Cooling & Heating, LLC for professional AC repair services right now.

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