Potential Signs of Combustion Pollutant Buildup Indoors

If you use a gas furnace to heat your Alexandria, VA, home, you could have combustion pollutants tainting the indoor air. In this post, you’ll learn more about signs of possible combustion pollutant buildup and how to fix this problem.

Increased Asthma Symptoms

Do you or someone else in your household have asthma? If symptoms have worsened, you might have pollutants building up from gas furnace usage. Often, this happens when the home isn’t ventilated well. Consulting with an HVAC company to improve your home’s ventilation might improve worsening asthma symptoms, especially in small children, and help everyone breathe easier indoors.

Headaches, Fatigue, and Nausea

Another sign that could signal you have high levels of combustion pollutants in your household is feeling ill frequently. If anyone in the home has had sudden headaches, feeling exceptionally fatigued, or queasy for no apparent reason, your furnace might have a problem that’s causing it to leak carbon monoxide. This potentially deadly gas is odorless and can build up in households quickly. With so many newer homes being built airtight for energy efficiency, it’s harder for this gas to escape if it’s present. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can alert you to a potential problem so you can get the repairs you need right away to keep your family safe.

How to Fix Possible Combustion Buildup Issues

Do-it-yourself solutions won’t fix these problems. You need to contact heating and cooling experts to inspect your furnace and identify any potential problems like a cracked heat exchanger or dirty fuel injectors. HVAC professionals can also check your furnace to make sure it is properly ventilated. Keeping your home free of combustion pollutants keeps your family safe and your indoor air healthier. Check out Commonwealth Cooling & Heating, LLC for more information about furnace repairs, or call us today!

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