Sealing Leaks in Your Ductwork and Your Attic

Ductwork in Alexandria, VA will develop leaks, cracks and gaps over time, dramatically reducing the efficiency and performance of heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, cracks and gaps in attic walls and insulation will further reduce heating and cooling efficiency and performance. You will find that sealing the leaks in your home's duct system and sealing up the attic will improve the efficiency and comfort of your home and conserve energy, too. Save even more by upgrading the attic insulation or installing a radiant heat barrier. 

Ductwork Sealing

If your ductwork is leaking, you may notice a problem with excessive dust in the home. If your HVAC system is just not as effective as last year, this is another red flag. If your ducts are leaking, you are losing a significant amount of the conditioned air that should be delivered into the living space. Allowing your ducts to continue to leak is like burning money. Minute by minute, the air that you pay to heat and cool is simply wasted. 

Ducts can develop leaks at the vent connections. You can check the connections to make sure the ducts are attached at each vent. If you discover a leak in your ductwork, do not attempt to repair the leak with duct tape. Duct tape tends to harden and become brittle. Additionally, if you discover one leak, your system probably has additional leaks. Call a professional HVAC company to safely and properly inspect, seal and repair your duct system. 

Attic Sealing and Insulation

Most of the heat loss occurs through the attic. Hot air rises, so if you have cracks or leaks in your attic, your house may be losing conditioned air at an alarming rate. One improvement you should invest in is attic sealing. Locate and seal any cracks in the attic, around windows, electrical outlets and wire ports. An energy audit can be helpful in determining exactly where in the attic you are losing the most heat. An infrared thermal image camera, frequently used by energy auditors, can capture an image of your home's heat loss. Focus your resources on repairing areas that are sapping energy in your attic. 

Insulation is also important for reducing heat loss through the attic. Upgrade your insulation by adding material to the insulation that is already installed. Make sure that insulation covers every inch of the attic floor and that there are no gaps or breaks. Gaps and uncovered areas will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. 

A thorough energy inspection of your home will identify areas for improvement. Focus your resources on projects such as the sealing of leaks in your duct system and upgrading attic insulation. Commonwealth Cooling & Heating will inspect your Alexandria, VA ductwork system and attic to evaluate energy loss. We will then provide you with solutions to reduce energy loss and save energy while keeping your home comfortable. Please contact us for any of your HVAC needs.

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