Signs of a Faulty Water Heater Thermostat

Do you have water heating issues at your Lorton, VA home? It’s frustrating when access to hot water is limited or non-existent, but before assuming you need a new water heater, know this: Your water heater thermostat might be the culprit. Read on to learn about some signs of a faulty thermostat so that you can identify this problem and have a professional fix it promptly.

Common Signs of a Malfunctioning Water Heater Thermostat

Have you noticed one day you can take a hot shower with no issues and the next day the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold to lukewarm? A thermostat functioning properly should always maintain the water heater’s set temperature. If you experience inconsistent water heating, the most likely cause is a damaged thermostat.

Most people associate water heating issues with ice-cold showers. However, another water heating issue that’s often related to a damaged thermostat is overheating. If you’re using hot water, and it comes out of the tap boiling hot, this is a sign that the thermostat isn’t regulating the temperature well, and it’s malfunctioning. Get this checked out right away to prevent scalding and serious burns.

Slow Hot Water Recovery

Have you had issues in your home with water taking forever to heat? Professionals call this problem slow hot water recovery, which is another sign of a thermostat going bad.

Water heaters have a red reset button called the high-limit switch. If the upper thermostat malfunctions, the high-limit switch might keep popping out, requiring a reset. You don’t want to ignore this issue if it often recurs because it could cause water to heat to dangerous levels.

Professional Repair Services Address Water Heating Issues

Messing around with water heating issues isn’t a DIY job. You need to hire professionals who know how to troubleshoot problems quickly and provide reliable solutions. If you think you have a faulty water heater thermostat, call Commonwealth Cooling & Heating, LLC, and learn more about our professional repair services today.

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