It’s Time To Get Your Heater Ready for Cooler Temperatures

Fall has officially arrived, which means it won’t be long until the weather turns chilly in Lorton, Virginia. Now’s the time to prep your home and heater for winter, before the first round of storms rolls through the region. Start by ensuring that your household will stay warm and toasty no matter what Old Man Winter throws your way. These tips from Commonwealth Cooling & Heating can help secure your comfort and cut your heating bills too.

Get Ready to Turn Up the Heat

Focus your preparation efforts on the heating system you rely on the most when temperatures plummet. Make sure your furnace, boiler or heat pump works properly and safely with a professional tune-up. Scheduling maintenance now can help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of emergency heating service and repair later. It’s also the best way to maximize the system’s efficiency and minimize heating expenses.

Snug Up Your Home

Don’t let the warmth your heater provides escape into the great outdoors. When it comes to lowering heating costs, upgrades like insulation and air sealing can make a world of difference. By combining these home improvements with regularly scheduled maintenance, you can save 30 percent on energy bills. There are additional steps you can take that won’t cost a dime:

  • Keep draperies on the south-facing sides of your home open during sunny days. Close them tight at night.
  • Don’t leave exhaust fans running for extended periods. Turn them off when you’re finished bathing or cooking.
  • Make sure that thermostats, furnace vents and registers aren’t blocked by carpets, drapes or furnishings.

Reliable Heating Service and Repair

In the middle of winter, a simple heater malfunction can make life pretty miserable. Ensure your family’s comfort and safety by adding Commonwealth Cooling & Heating to your list of emergency contacts. To learn more, take a look at our heating services or call 703-436-8028 for your fall heating system tuneup.

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