Using UV Lamps to Clean Indoor Air

Addressing indoor air quality in Lorton, VA is best achieved by controlling the source and ventilating the area. However, these methods may be impractical or insufficient in some situations.

Air cleaners can be installed in HVAC ductwork to clean air throughout a home. On the other hand, the same technology can be harnessed in portable air cleaners to clean air in one room. Both of these cleaners may utilize ultraviolet light to destroy microorganisms.

Types of Air Cleaners With UV Lamps

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation air cleaners can reduce the number of microorganisms in your indoor air. The mechanism of action is deactivating or killing the bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that grow on surfaces or are airborne.

UVGI air cleaners can use UV-A and UV-C lamps that emit long and short wavelengths of light, respectively. Most of the lamps that are used in homes, however, are UV-C.

Air cleaners with UV lamps also come in two types: airstream disinfection and surface disinfection. Both types can be installed within HVAC ducts upstream of the cooling coil and downstream of the filter. In portable air cleaners, they’re installed downstream of the filter.

Airstream disinfection cleaners can reduce the ability of bacteria and other microbes to survive. Those that disinfect surfaces deactivate microbial growth and other pollutants on moist HVAC surfaces, such as the ductwork, cooling coils, and drain pans.

Effectiveness of Using UV Air Cleaners

Air cleaners that use UV technology are useful when you combine them with ventilation and source control. As a result, you can improve your indoor air quality and reduce the risks that pollutants pose to your health.

Keep in mind that air cleaners for surface disinfection tend to be more effective than those for airstream disinfection. The reason is that the microorganisms are exposed to UV radiation for longer periods of time.

UV Air Cleaner Maintenance

Along with the amount of UV exposure, maintenance is essential for the effectiveness of UV air cleaners. It’s important that a professional performs regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Doing it yourself puts you at risk of UV exposure and high-voltage electrical shock.

Do you need air cleaner maintenance or help choosing the best air-cleaning system for your home? Learn more about your options by reviewing the indoor air quality services that Commonwealth Cooling & Heating provides, or call (703) 436-8028.

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