Why Duct Cleaning Helps You Breathe Easier

Indoor air quality is a growing concern. Airborne contaminants are linked to a variety of important issues that can be addressed during a professional air duct cleaning. Dust that builds up in the vents, filters and ducts can compromise the performance of your HVAC system. These pollutants are likely to cause allergies and airway irritation. Completing an air duct cleaning can help you sleep easier and breathe better. According to the EPA, duct cleanings are especially effective in these situations:

  • When moving into an existing home
  • After mold or mildew have been detected
  • If dust and debris stream out of vents during use
  • In cases where rodents, bugs or pests have invaded ducts
  • When unusual odors emanate from vents

Existing Ductwork

If you’re moving into an older home, there’s no way of knowing what’s inside the ducts or what’s coming out of the vents. The previous homeowner may have had pets, and you or a family member might have an allergy to dander. If you notice stale odors when you walk in the front door or when the system turns on, you should contact an air duct cleaning service. You can clean air vents and complete some minor maintenance on your own, but this won’t resolve all of the problems.

Mold and Mildew

Mold is one of the most serious problems that can affect your HVAC system. Spores can infiltrate almost any surface. Usually, mold and mildew are caused by plumbing leaks, poor ventilation and humidity problems. After the cause has been addressed, have an air duct cleaning service apply biocides that kill germs and fungi. Toxic mold releases irritating mycotoxins that are linked to asthma, skin rashes, sneezing, eye irritation and flu-like symptoms. These problems can easily be addressed by a Commonwealth Cooling and Heating professional.

Biological Contaminants

Bugs and rodents are capable of infesting homes, but most people don’t realize that pests can enter ducts in attics and crawlspaces and cause serious contamination. Cockroaches, for example, are a common asthma trigger. Experts can clean and treat ducts to remove droppings and biological contaminants that harbor dangerous airborne bacteria and viruses.

Dust and Debris

The final and most common reason to request a duct cleaning is dust that clogs filters and pours out of HVAC registers. Ducts used for both heating and cooling constantly collect contaminants. These pollutants stick to surfaces and can compromise system performance over time. Duct cleanings remove construction debris, contaminants, dust, dust mites and allergens that trigger asthma and irritate the eyes, nose and throat.

Professionals thoroughly clean ducts, plenums and outdoor units to enhance performance and help you breathe easier. If you suspect that your Fairfax, VA, home has an indoor air quality problem, call the experts at Commonwealth Cooling and Heating.

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