Why Your AC is Leaking Water

A puddle near your air conditioner’s inside unit may be both surprising and alarming. However, the issue is not a sign of any serious malfunction. Chances are, however, that you’ll need a bit of assistance from your HVAC contractor to address the leak.

How Did the Water Get to the AC?

Your air conditioner is responsible not only for cooling the air in your home but also for dehumidifying it. The refrigerant moving through your evaporator coils is icy, allowing it to draw heat from the surrounding air. Heat is also removed from moisture that is present, causing it to condense. You’ve probably seen the same phenomenon when you’ve filled a glass with ice water on a summer day and noticed it sweating.

As moisture condenses in the air handler, it collects on the evaporator coils. As enough moisture pools, it will drip into your drain pan and move through lines to a location outside of the house. An overflow can happen if the drain pan or lines are clogged with excess dirt. Preventative maintenance is a simple way to resolve the problem.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventive care for your AC is the equivalent of a tune-up for a vehicle. Major system components are tested and adjusted to ensure that they are working properly. At the time of your air conditioning service call, your technician will:

  • Clean inside and outside coils
  • Clean and adjust blower parts
  • Test electronic components
  • Tighten loose connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Inspect refrigerant lines and check refrigerant charge

A maintenance call is important because it counters the efficiency decline that can occur from normal use. Your equipment can lose approximately 5 percent of its efficiency in a year, but meticulous care can combat this decline. If your drain lines and pan are clogged, it is possible that you have not had maintenance service in recent years, meaning that you may experience much more dramatic energy efficiency improvements from a maintenance call.

Minor AC repairs may be needed in an aging system, and a maintenance visit allows such issues to be identified. This also allows you to discuss the long-term expectations for your equipment so that you can plan for its eventual replacement.

Get in Touch with Experts

The Commonwealth Cooling & Heating team is available to provide AC maintenance to address your leaky system at your convenience. While we typically recommend maintenance prior to summer, we can visit your home in the Fairfax, VA, area at any point that a related issue arises. We are also available for emergency AC repairs if you run into other problems with your equipment. Call our office for assistance.

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