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First settled during the late 17th century, the Lorton area has been home to tobacco plantations and dairy farms for over three centuries. Shortly after arriving, settlers like the legendary John Smith cleared the area’s woodlands and began to take advantage of its rich soil. During the Revolutionary War, Lorton hosted an important road that bypassed the treacherous Potomac River. Thanks to its location between Washington, D.C. and the Confederate capital of Richmond, it also played a well-documented role in the Civil War. These days, Lorton is a popular bedroom community for the surrounding business centers. It’s worth noting that the county in which it sits is home to more than 1 million people.

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Lorton is located to the southwest of Washington, D.C. Despite its suburban character, it’s not far from the Potomac River and abuts a massive area of green space known as Mason Neck State Park. Meanwhile, the area to the west of Lorton consists of a number of rapidly growing suburbs and exurban business hubs. The town itself consists of well-ordered residential subdivisions and a number of commercial areas that follow its principal surface streets. Local thoroughfares include Interstate 95, U.S. Highway 1 and Virginia Highway 613.

Population and Demographics

Lorton’s year-round population sits near 20,000. While the area’s growth has slowed in recent years, it still has plenty of land left to develop. The proximity of nearby business hubs like Alexandria, Arlington and Washington, D.C. makes further growth a veritable certainty. In the meantime, Lorton’s residents include blue-collar breadwinners, young professionals, students and retirees. While a solid school system has attracted families from adjacent states and counties, affordable land prices have boosted local living standards. However, Lorton residents do have to contend with commute times that exceed the national average.

Things to Do in Lorton, Virginia

Lorton is an outdoor lover’s paradise that also happens to host some historical attractions. Nearby Fountainhead Regional Park is a wonderland of lakes, rivers, streams and forested hills that’s popular with hunters, boaters and hikers. The Potomac River’s tidal flats delight boaters and fishermen who wake early to reap their bounty. To the north, the Tysons Galleria and other regional shopping malls provide endless entertainment for bargain-hunters and diners. Old Hickory Golf Club and Burke Lake Golf Course provide championship-grade greens in a relaxed, familiar setting. For shoppers who wish to stay closer to home, downtown Lorton has an impressive array of locally owned boutiques.

Climate and Weather

Lorton has a temperate climate that’s technically defined as “subtropical.” Its summers tend to be long and humid, but frequent thunderstorms provide much-needed breaks in the heat. While tropical storms rarely pose a direct threat to the area, Lorton sees a handful of soaking rain events in a typical 12-month span. During the transitional seasons, brisk days alternate with mild, sunny stretches that promote outdoor activity. Winters can be wet and chilly. Coastal storms occasionally produce powerful snowfall events that create temporary driving hazards.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Lorton, Virginia

For nearly two decades, Commonwealth HVAC has provided Lorton’s residents and business owners with dependable heating and cooling service. The family-owned firm takes pride in serving the local community and employs seasoned technicians who work long hours to ensure that their clients remain safe and comfortable. All of these employees submit to drug tests and thorough background checks during the hiring process. What’s more, they regularly receive supplemental training to ensure that they remain well-versed in the latest repair and installation techniques. To provide fast responses to potentially dangerous or costly emergencies, Commonwealth HVAC keeps an experienced crew on call throughout the night.

Commonwealth HVAC has earned factory authorization from Bryant, an internationally recognized manufacturer and wholesaler of innovative, efficient HVAC equipment. Accordingly, its showroom boasts systems and equipment for virtually every taste, need and budget. Key highlights include commercial-grade central air conditioning systems, geothermal water heaters, efficient furnaces, ductless equipment, dehumidifiers and electric air purifiers. Most of these products come with long-term factory warranties, and Commonwealth is proud to offer annual service guarantees that prevent unnecessary equipment problems. With Commonwealth HVAC, Lorton has a friend in the AC repair business.

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