How To Help Your Furnace Last Longer

Finding the right heating system takes planning, research, and financial resources. Once you select a heating unit, you want to make sure it lasts for a long time. Here are two tips that will help your furnace last longer and put out the cozy warmth that makes a Virginia winter enjoyable.

Give It Lots of Love

We routinely maintain our computer software and motor vehicles, but furnace maintenance often slips our mind. A little bit of TLC is the best way to make your furnace last longer. Some TLC projects you can do yourself: replace the air filters, clean floor vents and check ductwork for holes. Other furnace maintenance qualified professionals, like the service technicians at Commonwealth Cooling and Heating, should do: adjust the burner and test its efficiency, oil all moving parts and inspect, tighten, repair or replace all electrical connections.

Avoid Wide Thermostat Swings

Turning your thermostat down to 55 when you head off to work in the morning not only guarantees an uncomfortable house when you get home, it also is extremely unkind to your heating system because it makes your system work overtime when you get home. Your heating unit will run nonstop trying to accommodate your demand for warmth. Just as you get tired and worn out when you go nonstop, so, too, does your heating unit. Using a programmable thermostat to change the temperature 5 degrees up and down protects your system from excessive wear and tear and allows it to run more efficiently. Plus, you’ll look forward to going home and enjoying your evening instead of feeling like an icicle dressed in a sweater.

Life is full of unexpected curve balls; don’t let a breakdown of your heating unit be one of them. To learn more about how the service pros at Commonwealth Cooling and Heating can keep you comfy through a Virginia winter, check out our heating services page or call 703-436-8028.

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