Should you repair or replace your HVAC system?

Replacing your HVAC system isn’t something that you look forward to, but it’s an inevitable task at some point. Comparing the benefits and the actual cost of repairs versus HVAC system replacement can help you make the best financial decision. Here are several methods for comparing the costs of both options.

With the $5,000 rule, you multiply the cost of the repairs by the age of the unit. If the result is above $5,000, replacement is probably the best option. The older your system is, the less you should be spending on repairs. If the unit is fairly new, you can make repairs with a reasonable level of comfort. Another method suggests replacement if the repair would cost half as much as a new unit. Energy Star recommends replacement in the following instances.

  • You’re experiencing frequent repairs.
  • Your energy bills are increasing.
  • Your heating system is more than 15 years old.
  • Your cooling system or heat pump is more than 10 years old.

It may best to perform a cost comparison.

When Replacement Makes Sense

Replacing your heating or cooling system is a viable option if you’ve dealt with multiple repairs in a short amount of time. Older systems that haven’t been properly maintained are more likely to develop problems. Even after you invest in repairs, something else could go wrong. A new air conditioner or heat pump could reduce your HVAC-related electricity bills by 20 percent. You may also qualify for efficiency incentives offered by the Department of Environmental Quality and local utilities in northern Virginia.

When Repairs Make Sense

Repairs are usually justified on newer systems that are still relatively efficient because you wouldn’t gain much by upgrading. If your heating or cooling system is older but is in good condition and has been well maintained, you can invest in a furnace repair with confidence, especially if it’s the first problem that you’ve had.

You can learn more about our HVAC products and furnace installation services online or by calling Commonwealth Cooling & Heating at 703-436-8028. We will be happy to provide a quote or diagnose the issue.

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