What Does Air Duct Cleaning in Alexandria, VA Do?

Numerous studies show that a home’s indoor air quality can be just as worse as the air quality outdoors. Because many homeowners spend most of their time indoors, this can have negative side effects on your health. There are a number of factors that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Inadequate ventilation, gases from malfunctioning stoves or furnaces, mold, viruses and dust mites are all sources that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. One way of improving your home’s air is to get air duct cleaning services.

About Air Duct Cleaning in Alexandria, VA

While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend the cleaning of your air ducts routinely, getting them cleaned occasionally can be beneficial, especially if your ducts are infested with rodents, have visible mold growth or clogged with excessive amounts of dust. All the components of your cooling and heating system are cleaned during this procedure including your:

  • Forced air systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air handling unit housing
  • Cooling coils
  • Grilles
  • Drip pans
  • Fan motor and fan housing
  • Supply and return air ducts

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Do?

There a many great benefits involved with air duct cleaning. During the cleaning process, your HVAC technician will use special tools to remove lodged dirt from your ducts and vacuum it out using a high-powered vacuum. This cleaning will improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit. When the components of your HVAC system are dirty, it has to work harder to keep your home comfortable, causing an increase in your utility bills. Also, removing these contaminants from your system will help improve the quality of your air indoors.

When you choose a service provider in Alexandria, VA, make certain the technician is knowledgeable and can complete the job. Improper duct cleaning procedures can damage your HVAC system, ducts and cause indoor air problems. If you’re looking for experts in all things related to your heating and cooling system, then you should contact Commonwealth Cooling & Heating. Our NATE-certified technicians are knowledgeable and trained to diagnose and fix any ductwork problems. In addition to cleaning your air ducts, we can tighten and seal them, as well as replace loose or damaged sections. Call us today to discuss your air duct cleaning needs. We offer same-day service and 24-hour emergency services.

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